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Hanover Youth Ball Mission

The Mission of Hanover Youth Ball is to provide a quality youth baseball and softball program that is accessible and affordable to members of our community, regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic heritage or socio-economic background.

In pursuit of our mission, we will strive to promote good sportsmanship and teamwork in our youth and to teach them physical skills that will promote good health and fitness as well as positive self-esteem. In partnership with parents and the community at large, our program is devoted to providing a safe and supportive environment for our youth and families and to promoting a sense of community.

Hanover Youth Ball Board Members Need Your Assistance

With Board members’ terms ending in 2021, there are duties and key roles that need to be filled. Even if you do not want to be an official Board member, but are willing help assist the Board, here are the following areas that NEED filling: 

Secretary - *Board Member*, take notes and writes up monthly meeting minutes; coordinates with City of Hanover in reserving City Hall for monthly meetings, 
Website/Online Registration - *Board Member* (current Board member will work with and train), makes changes and updates website, sets up online registration with SportsNgin
12U Baseball Tournament Coordinator- usually 3rd weekend in July, oversees tournament (Hanover has hosted this tournament for many years and systems are in place to make this an easy task to ensure the tournament is run smoothly)
Baseball Umpire Coordinator - work with umpire service regarding game schedules, work with local teenagers to get umpire certification and scheduled for home/Hanover games.

All of these duties are already set up and created so someone just needs to maintain these going forward.

If you are interested in any of these duties OR willing to help in any other way OR want to learn more about the Board and/or tasks, please contact  No pressure or requirement for just inquiring.  

Board meetings are open; anyone is welcome to attend a meeting at any time. 

Board Members not only get a wonderful experience of being part of something so great and positive in our community, you will also receive discounted registration fees.

Although softball and baseball are spring sports, a lot of the work the Board does starts now. Hanover Youth Ball can only happen if people make it happen. 

Thank you for your consideration,
~Hanover Youth Ball Board


2021 Key Dates

Registration:   January 16th - February 7th

All-League Pictures:   May 26th

Season Schedule: May 5th - June 23rd                         (T-ball, Coach Pitch and 8u Softball)

Machine Pitch Jamboree:  June 5th

Annual HYB Picnic for all Youth Ball:  July 7th

12u Baseball Tournament: July 16-18

Hanover Youth Ball

Hanover Youth Ball

P.O. Box 242 Hanover, MN 55341

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Our biggest supporter is the Hanover Athletic Association and we want to give them a hearty THANK YOU!

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