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Hanover Youth Ball Mission

The Mission of Hanover Youth Ball is to provide a quality youth baseball and softball program that is accessible and affordable to members of our community, regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic heritage or socio-economic background.

In pursuit of our mission, we will strive to promote good sportsmanship and teamwork in our youth and to teach them physical skills that will promote good health and fitness as well as positive self-esteem. In partnership with parents and the community at large, our program is devoted to providing a safe and supportive environment for our youth and families while promoting a sense of community.

Hanover Youth Board is Looking For:

If you are interested OR willing to help in any other way OR want to learn more about the Board and/or tasks, please contact No pressure or requirement for just inquiring.

Board meetings are open; anyone is welcome to attend a meeting at any time. 

Board Members not only get a wonderful experience of being part of something so great and positive in our community, you will also receive discounted registration fees.

Thank you for your consideration,

~Hanover Youth Ball Board

Sponsored by Our Coaches are Trusted Coaches

Our Coaches are Trusted Coaches

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T-Ball (boys and girls):  

Christine Dauterive


Softball 8U & 10U Leagues

Chris Larson


Softball12U/14U Rec & 12-16U Traveling

Missy Thompson


Coach / Machine Pitch:  

Kyle Bruns


Baseball Leagues

Brian Thompson 



Andy Bangasser


Hanover Youth Ball

Hanover Youth Ball

P.O. Box 242 Hanover, MN 55341